“Dig Your Grave” Aug.14, 2021 6:30 a.m. Hope, ID

Congrats to all of you unlucky souls who gained entry to the 2021 Edition of Dig Your Grave. On August 14th we will  be sending FIFTY runners out on the trail. Why only 50? Welllllllll the Trailhead is very small and the road is one lane and we like small events. Stunning views and discomfort await those of you who have chosen to take part. This will be an out and back course of 42km plus or (whatever your Garmin says!) Starting at the end of West Spring Creek Road at the Trailhead, runners will head up Trail 120 thirteen miles to Trail 444 (Strong Creek) and the only Aid Station. They will do a short clockwise loop to the summit of Roundtop Mountain, collect a coin from a Crown Royal Bag and continue back to the Aid Station and then back to the finish. The trail is 100% single track with an elevation gain of 5700 feet or so along the ridge with great views of the lake.

Dig Your Grave is part of the GRIT Series visit http://www.racethewolf.com for more info and to see another great option for your June schedule

Earn your Custom Spade and Hoodie……

Rugged, Raw, Remote. This is the Cabinets of North Idaho. COME DIG YOUR GRAVE

ULTRASIGNUP DOES NOT ISSUE REFUNDS. WE WILL DEFER entries to next year should the race have to be rescheduled/postponed because of fire BUT NOT BECAUSE OF PERSONAL INJURY OR PERSONAL CONFLICTS.

There is no TRANSFER OF BIBS. You signed up, you run it.

No Wait List. Nobody Drops.

As a small event operated in a mountain wilderness area, we have some flexibility and control of several aspects of the race to provide for public and participant safety.

-We will provide starting procedures to disburse runners on the course immediately. There is no mask requirement.
-Water is provided using only manufacturer sealed water containers provided by race management at a remote water drop approximately 5 miles in next to the trail. Your trash is your trash and not for my sweeper to haul out so carry whatever you have and deposit at the Aid Station or finish area. Our permit depends on a clean course.
Select food items (Chips, pretzels,cold m/ms, PBJ will be provided and handed to you by my gloved volunteers. Drop bags with individual food/clothing items provided by runners will be transported to Aid Station at turn around. Popsicles at the finish. BYOB.

First 3 Male/Female Awards. Spades to all. Unisex Hoodies.

To Enter Dig Your Grave:

Contact: Mike Ehredt 208-920-3410