Great news! Our Trail Crews will have cleaned and cleared 99% of the course. Expect a few obstacles and some overgrowth……THERE IS NO BIB PICKUP FRIDAY NIGHT.      RELAY TEAMS WILL RECEIVE THEIR INSTRUCTIONS VIA EMAIL. Solos will be given instruction prior to the start. For solo runners, we will shuttle your vehicle to the finish for you. Way cool.

It will most likely be HOT. There will be 1 remote water drop and it will be at Roundtop Mountain about 9 miles.  The Legs for your Relay Teams are 16, 5, 11, 12, 7.3, 9.5. The BEES will around so have Benadryl or EpiPen on you just in case. We have not seen any bears but plenty of sign…..spray is your call. Again, the START TIME FOR EVERYONE IS 5:00 a.m.

Safe Travels, Happy Trails,

Mike                                                                                      Tailwind-logo, white background (1)

Mile 42