Rules/Requirements/Aid Stations


We’ve been very fortunate to have been granted a permit to hold this race in a rugged and remote and beautiful environment. Please adhere to the following:

  1. Any runner who litters on the course will automatically be disqualified from this race and future races. Any litter left on the course may jeopardize our ability to continue to host events on National Forest trail systems. We recommend that you carry an extra baggie to stash small wrappers and gel tabs that can easily be dropped by accident.
  2. Be respectful of others on the trail. It is not closed to hikers or horses during and after the race. Step aside if you come upon a horse on the trail.
  3. You must carry the listed mandatory gear throughout the race even Relay Teams.
  5. No bushwacking or shortcutting. You might think at times you are bushwacking BUT you are on a trail. Really.
  6. FOLLOW THE COURSE MARKINGS (Pink Tape and Signs)
  7. Relay Teams must exchange their snap band in the DESIGNATED exchange zone.
  8. Absolutely no crewing from a vehicle for anyone.
  9. You must check in and out of the Aid Stations.
  10. FEAR THE SWEEPER!! For Permitting reasons and the safety of Runners and Volunteers there is a strict cutoff at the FS275 and Trailhead 120 Aid Station. You MUST be out of it by 4:00 p.m. (There are only 16 miles left with one water stop)
  11. My Volunteers are out there for you so thank them!!

Mandatory Race Gear (Bring to Check-in)

This is the list of safety gear you need to carry with you during the race, INCLUDING Relay Teams. If you are missing an item during a gear check you will be disqualified or not allowed to start. Hey, it is all about you guys and seeing you at the finish. I don’t want to DYG 🙂

  • Ability to carry at least 40 oz of water.
  • Emergency blanket (DYG 2016 had plummeting temps and hail and rain)
  • Whistle


  • Light Rain Top (highly suggested)
  • Bear Spray (This is remote. You will probably be alone. Better safe than sorry)
  • Benadryl or EpiPen IF YOU ARE BEE SENSITIVE. They may or may not be out.
  • Headlamp for the last 16 miles.


There are 4 Full Stations for the 100k and Relay with Water, Soda, Tailwind, Fruit, PBJ Sandwiches, Bacon, Chips and Jelly Beans, NO IBUPROFEN, at Mile 9, 18, 30/42, 47 and a remote water drop at Mile 56 Roundtop Mountain.  The 50k has 2 Full Stations (same fare) at Mile 9 and Mile 17 and  water only at  24 miles (Roundtop Mountain)

Pretty simple. If you have a special need, plan accordingly and have that food in your drop bag which is at the Moose Creek Warming Hut.

Relay Crews can give aid from their vehicle AT THE EXCHANGE, your runner also has access to food/water at these stations.



We will shuttle your car to the finish for you. If it isn’t there it is probably somewhere in Seattle. Kidding.

To Enter: