Course Description for 50k/100k/Relay

Start: Sam Owen Volunteer Fire Department (Trestle Creek Road) Hwy 200From Start proceed up FS275 for 1.75 miles and follow signs left to single track.Follow flagging for 2.5 miles through gate and onto FS2640. Follow flagging and at FS232 make a 180’ turn (sign). Continue up this road to:

Aid Station (Trail 57) and Relay Exchange #1

Proceed 4.6 miles on Trail 57 to Junction with Trail 55 paying close attention to flagging!

At Junction of Trail 57/55, 50k RUNNERS stay right! And follow flagging to Aid Station at Trestle Creek Road and Trail 120.  Continue on Trail 120 following flagging to Roundtop Mountain and down to Remote Water Drop at Junction of Trail 44 (24 miles). Continue down Strong Creek Trail 44, 6.5 miles to pavement. Follow flagging to finish at Hope Memorial Center. 

100k Runners and Relay: At Junction of Trail 57/55 stay left (signs) onto Trail 526. Follow flagging to Aid Station (Lunch Peak Road.) Also Relay Exchange #2. Follow flagging on remote single track, join up with Lunch Peak Road and continue to Peak. (Bathroom Facilities). Follow single track trail and flagging to the summit of Mount Pend Oreille, collect the token. Reverse direction. Go approx. 1.5 miles and follow signage and flagging down Lake Darling Trail. Continue past Lake Darling to FS Road 419 and follow signs left and flagging to Moose Lake Warming Hut Aid Station and Drop Bags. This is Mile 29 and Relay Exchange #3

Leave Aid Station and go right on gravel road to Moose Lake Trailhead. Follow flagging and signs to Lake Estelle, Moose Lake, Moose Mountain and return to Aid Station (12 mile leg load up on water). Relay Exchange #4.

From Hut go back to the road and left and follow signs and flagging 1.6 miles to FS275 and turn right. Continue 3 miles to Trail 120 Aid Station and Relay Exchange #4 if desired. Follow flagging on Trail 120 to Roundtop Mountain (7 miles), and down to remote water drop. Continue down Trail 44 (Strong Creek) 6.75 miles to the pavement and follow signs and flagging to finish at Hope Memorial Center. Turn in a token and collect your Hoodie and Spade!

The distance between Aid Stations for 100k and Relay: Start to #1 is 9 miles, #2 is 9 miles, #3 is 11.5 miles, #3 again is 12 miles, #4 is 5 miles, to #5 (Water Only) 8 miles, to finish 8 miles.

Distances between Aid Stations for 50K: #1 is 9 miles, #2 is 7 miles, #3 (Water Only) 8 miles, to finish 8 miles.


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